“So, Where The Bloody Hell Are You?”

How can a country like Australia fail to attract tourists?

Coral reef, Sydney Opera House, Harbor Bridge, and the Kangaroos… Australia is one of the countries that  have successfully unified its image as a vacation destination with its national image.

However, a few years ago Australia’s the “Where The Bloody Hell Are You?” campaign, one of its most ambitious campaigns, proved that Australia, too, can lose tourists. Tourism Australia spent $180 million Australian dollars to execute this campaign, targeting mainly United Kingdom, Japan, and Germany from 2006 to 2007.

I can see the ad’s effort to radiate the sense of youthfulness and freedom, especially when the girl on the beach says with a smile,  “So where the bloody hell are you?.”

Unfortunately, the attempt brought adverse responses from other countries, leading both England and Canada to ban the commercial. The problems were the word ‘bloody’ and the implication of unbranded alcohol consumption from the line “We’ve poured a beer” respectively.

Consequently, Australia had to suffer unexpected degradation of its image along with a decreasing number of tourists. Maybe Australia was a bit too bloody friendly to strangers.

(Video & Pictures : YouTube, Australia.com)